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Amino Acid Surfactant
Amilip AL10 P0
INCI:Sodium Cocoyl Amino Acids/Cocamide MEA/Cetoleth-20/ Arginine /Taurine/ Aspartic Acid/Alanine/Sodium Methyltaurate /Dipropylene Glycol/Sodium Benzoate
Physical Form: Fluid Paste
Features and Application: Containing a variety of amino acids, mild and low irritation. It can promote the adsorption balance of cationic conditioner and silicone oil to improve the adsorption rate, while promote film formation of the conditioner on the surface of the hair cuticle to make it more tough and smooth, preventing hair damage caused by the rubbing with each other. Lipids contained to promote shampoo system to repair and protect 18-MEA. It also can significantly improve hair softness and the combing performance after shampooing.
Suggested usage concentration:1%-6%
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